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Pricing and Concessions Policy

Uttlesford District Council's Pricing and Concessions Policy was approved by the Finance & Administration Committee in September 2010.


- Effective date

- Objective of policy

- Policy principles

- Standing exceptions to the policy

- Contact for further information


Effective date

This policy applies with effect from 1 April 2011.


Objective of policy

To ensure greater consistency and fairness in the application of discounts, and greater transparency on the extent to which service costs are covered by the fees.


Policy principles

a. The policy shall apply to all prices and concessions that the council has discretion to set.

Services where we have discretion include:

  • museum
  • pre-application planning advice
  • street naming and numbering
  • bulky waste services
  • trade waste services
  • animal licensing
  • car parks (see item (b) parks)

b. Car park charges shall be a known exemption to the policy, and will be the subject of separate detailed consideration.

c. There shall be consistency in the way charges are calculated and concessions are applied.

d. The full cost of the service, including an element for corporate overheads, will be the starting point for calculating charges.

e. Where alternative service providers are available, market forces will be taken into account when calculating charges.

f. Any subsidy of the full cost of the service, including an element of corporate overheads, will be made clear and be a conscious decision designed to meet service objectives.

g. Concessions of 25% will be applied to individuals in receipt of Uttlesford District Council administered benefits.

h. There will be no automatic concessions for elderly or disabled customers.

i. Where possible, income shall be collected in advance of the service being provided.

j. The responsible committee may authorise exceptions to the policy where there are sound business reasons to do so, after taking into account advice of the relevant service manager and the Section 151 Officer.


Standing exceptions to the policy

Concessions will be granted for people who assist blind and partially sighted people, where that assistance is necessary to ensure that the person being assisted receives the benefit of the service.

Museum admission charges need to be an exception to the policy as it is good practice for children to receive discounts when visiting tourist attractions, and to do otherwise could cause harm to the reputation and business of the museum.


Contact for further information

Angela Knight, Director Business Performance and People