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Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

A neighbourhood planning referendum took place on Thursday 23 June 2022 in the parish of Stebbing.


About the Stebbing Neighbourhood plan referendum

The ballot paper was to decide on the question:

"Do you want Uttlesford District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Stebbing to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"


Overall result voted IN FAVOUR of the Stebbing Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

48% turnout from 1,160 registered electorate. 

 Votes recordedPercentage
Number cast in favour of a "Yes"53497%
Number cast in favour of a "No"173%

View the full declaration of result Stebbing NPR (PDF) [57KB]


Notice of referendum - Stebbing (PDF) [43KB]

Neighbourhood Planning Referendum Timetable - Stebbing 23 June 2022 (PDF) [35KB]

Referendum documents

Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Version (PDF) [16MB]

Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan - Information Statement (PDF) [119KB]

Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan - Basic Conditions and Compliance Statement (PDF) [121KB]

Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan - Town and Country Planning Background Information Statement (PDF) [188KB]

Examiner’s report on the Stebbing Neighbourhood Development Plan 2019-2033 (PDF) [423KB]

Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan Submission Focused Public Consultation (Regulation 16) responses (PDF) [14MB]

Stebbing Neighbourhood Development Plan Area (PDF) [1MB]


The Stebbing Decision Statement of the Local Authority's satisfaction that the referendum version Neighbourhood Plan meets the basis conditions specified by statute and complies with the provision made by or under Section 38A and 38B of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

The Town and Country Planning Statement sets out general information as to town and country planning including neighbourhood planning and the referendum.

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Information Statement sets out the arrangement for the Referendum including costs and voter numbers.

More information about the Neighbourhood Development Plan can be found on the Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan page.

Additional information

Stebbing Neighbourhood Plan website

► The Neighbourhood Planning (Referendums) Regulations 2012