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Voter photo ID at elections

What identification you will need to vote in person at polling stations on election day.

From 4 May 2023 onwards, all voters are required to show photographic identification (photo ID) at polling stations before they are given a ballot paper.

You will not be required to provide photo ID if you vote by post.

Voter ID at polling stations

In the recent local elections voters needed to show photo ID to vote at polling stations.

The data here shows the number of people eligible to vote at a polling station on 4 May 2023, the number of people that were not issued with a ballot paper because they did not meet the new voter ID requirements and the number of those people that returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote.

Voter ID figures for Uttlesford

Total number of electors who were eligible to vote in person at our 83 polling stations: 58,519

The number of polling station electors who applied for, but were not issued with, a ballot paper: 58

The number of polling station electors who were not issued with a ballot paper and who later returned with accepted ID and were issued with a ballot paper: 39

Accepted forms of photographic ID

To vote at a polling station, you must present one of the following:

  • Passport issued by the UK, any Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, A British Overseas Territory, an EEA state or a Commonwealth country
  • Driving licence issued by the UK, any Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or an EEA state
  • Biometric immigration document
  • Identity card bearing Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (a PASS card)
  • Ministry of Defence Form 90 (Defence Identity Card)
  • Blue Badge
  • National Identity Card issued by an EEA state
  • Older Person's Bus Pass
  • Disabled Person's Bus Pass
  • Oyster 60+ Card
  • Scottish National Entitlement Card issued in Scotland
  • 60 or Over Welsh Concessionary Travel Card
  • Senior SmartPass or Blind Person's SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland
  • War Disablement SmartPass or War Disabled SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland
  • 60+ SmartPass issued in Northern Island
  • Electoral Identify card issued in Northern Ireland
  • Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) or a temporary VAC

If your photographic identity has expired, it will still be accepted if the photograph is still a good likeness of you.

You may be required to provide further proof of identity if there is a discrepancy between your name shown on the form of identity and the name you claim to be.

Apply for free photo ID for voting

If you do not have any of the accepted forms of photo ID, you will be able to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) in person, by post or online from 16 January 2023.