Annual canvass

How to complete the 2021 annual canvass.


Over 20,000 emails were sent to residents across the district during June asking them to to check their information and respond online if any changes are needed. Last year, over 40% of those contacted responded.


The annual household canvass

How it works 

Canvass reform means that we data match all households with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) database in early June. Last year, which was the first year of these changes, we achieved a 69% match against a 73% national average.  This year we have achieved 73% (4% increase). Households where we have matched all electors will get a communication from us. Where we hold an email (about 40% of households) we shall communicate this way - this will be sent by the approved Government secure email system GOV.UK Notify.  Someone must respond on behalf of everyone in the household to say there are no changes.

The emails will be sent around 18 June.

If you receive an email you will be required to confirm there are no changes by going to the update service website on or calling the 0800 197 9871 Freephone number.

Any reminder will be by post at the same time as we write to the 60% of the households where we do not hold an email address. The letter which is green in colour does NOT require a response.  If there are any changes it tells you to go online to make them.

For the 27% of households that we have not matched, these will be sent a yellow coloured letter in early July asking for action to be taken by someone in the household to confirm or update our records. Action is taken by calling the automated Freephone number on the letter (for no changes) or online where you can make changes. You do NOT need to send the letter back to us.  Again please do this ASAP as a couple of weeks later we have to send a reminder.

If you do not reply

We chase up non-responders with a Canvass Form - this does require a response that you should ideally make online or by calling the Freephone number. Alternatively you could post this form back to us with any amendments made.

We chase up non responders from late September so households may get a phone call or email from us in the Elections Office, or failing that a door-knock from one of our personal canvassers during October. They carry ID and will not  enter your house; they will just encourage you to make a return.  If there are changes we need to make sure we have made them so you are able to vote in any elections. Not being registered can also affect your credit score.

If you need to find out more

We have put together some frequently asked questions to help you.

What happens next

Anyone who is added to a property will still need to register to vote unless they have already registered via the online response service.

We will send an 'Invitation to Register Form' to anyone who is added to the paper canvass form so that they can register to vote. You can also register to vote online.

Remember that by completing the canvass form you are not registering to vote, only confirming the names of people at the property. 

If you remove anyone from the form we will write to you to confirm that they no longer live at the property.

Electoral register

The Electoral register is a list of the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote within Uttlesford's electoral area. 

The new electoral register will be published on 1 December.