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Green recycling bin

Your green-lidded recycling bin is collected fortnightly. Please make sure it is at the boundary of your property by 7am on your collection day.

Uttlesford green-lidded recycling bin
The range of items that can now go in the green recycling bin has increased. Glass bottles and jars can be put in the bin, meaning no more trips to the bottle bank. Please note that glass must go in the bin itself - any glass left in a separate container alongside the bin will not be collected. Non-glass items can still be left alongside the bin in plastic bags (not black bin bags) or cardboard boxes. 

Please don't put food waste, garden waste, paint or disposable nappies in the green bin.

If you have excess recyclables please place these in carrier bags, clear or white bin liners or cardboard boxes beside your bin. 

We cannot take recyclable items in black sacks.

What you can put in your green recycling bin


All cardboard boxes
Cardboard packaging (including food packaging)
Cereal boxes
Corrugated card
Egg boxes
Greetings cards
Tissue boxes

Cardboard cartons

All cardboard cartons
Juice cartons
Liquid food cartons
Milk cartons
Tetrapak cartons


All glass bottles and jars
Beer/spirit/wine bottles
Baby food jars
Cook-in sauce jars
Jam jars
Perfume bottles

Metal cans and tins

Aluminium takeaway containers
Biscuit and sweet tins
Drinks cans
Food tins (including pet food)
Tin lids


Envelopes (with and without windows)
Junk mail
Kitchen paper/tissues
Office paper (white and coloured)
Paper packaging
Shredded paper
Wrapping paper
Yellow Pages & directories

Plastic bags and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film

Bags and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film which is sometimes marked with a number 4. Such as:
Plastic carrier bags
Plastic sacks (not black)
Plastic wrappers from bakery goods
Plastic breakfast cereal liners
Plastic toilet roll wrappers
Plastic bags from fruit and vegetable
Plastic bread bags
Plastic freezer bags

Plastic bottles

All plastic bottles including:
Bottle tops
Cleaning product bottles
Fabric conditioner and other cleansing product bottles
Milk bottles
Shampoo and other toiletry bottles
Soft drink bottles

Plastic food containers

Ice cream containers
Margarine/butter tubs
Meat trays
Party platters
Plastic cups
Plastic sandwich packs
Plastic takeaway food containers
Plastic tubs
Ready meal food trays
Yoghurt pots

Plastic - other types of plastic

CD and DVD cases 


What you cannot put in your green recycling bin

Not sure what to do with something? You can find out if you can recycle it.

Electrical/electronic items

DVD/VCR players
Electric shavers
Electric toothbrushes
Hairdryers/hair straighteners/curlers
Kettles/toasters/other kitchen appliances
Light bulbs

What you can do

If your item can be recycled, and it's still in working condition, you might choose to donate it instead.

Can't sell or donate your item?  For small electrical items you can visit one of the drop off points at:

• Saffron Walden Library
• Dunmow Library

You can also take these to your nearest recycling centre or for larger items you can book a bulky household waste collection.

Glass that is not bottles and jars

Drinking glasses/vases
Mirror glass
Plate glass
Pyrex bowls/jugs etc
Window/windscreen glass

What you can do

Put in your grey waste bin.  Please wrap any glass in paper or a double bag.

Scrap metal

Car parts
Ironing boards
Scrap metal

What you can do

You can take these to your nearest recycling centre.


Jiffy bags

What you can do

Put in your grey waste bin

Plastic - hard plastics

Washing up bowls

What you can do

You can take these to your nearest recycling centre.

Plastic - other plastics

Bubble wrap
Plastic film/cling film

What you can do

Put in your grey waste bin

Sanitary waste

Disposable nappies
Incontinence waste
Sanitary waste

What you can do

Put in your grey waste bin.

Textiles and shoes

Bed linens
Sleeping bags

What you can do

Take these to your nearest recycling centre

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