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Lindsell Parish Neighbourhood Area and Forum consultation

A local community group within Uttlesford has applied to establish a Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum for the parish of Lindsell.

We are required to run a public consultation on this proposal.

What is being proposed

Lindsell Parish Meeting has submitted 2 applications to us to designate:

  • Lindsell Parish as a Neighbourhood Development Plan Area
  • a Neighbourhood Forum for Lindsell

If they are approved, the Neighbourhood Forum will be able to start work on a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the area.

How to get involved

We are running a consultation to seek the views of local people on the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan Area and Forum.

The consultation runs from Monday 6 November to Sunday 17 December 2023.

Consultation documents

How to comment

Comments can be submitted to us using the online consultation form.

Comment now

Paper comment forms and copies of the application details and map are available during the consultation period at:

All comments must be received by 17 December 2023.

After you have commented

We will consider all of the comments received during the consultation . We'll then decide on whether to designate the Neighbourhood Development Plan Area and whether to designate a Neighbourhood Forum for Lindsell.

Further information

More information about neighbourhood planning and neighbourhood forums.

About neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning gives local people who live, work, or elected representatives in an area the right to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan, setting out a vision for future development in the area.

Find out about neighbourhood plans in Uttlesford.

About neighbourhood forums

A Neighbourhood Forum is an organisation authorised by the Local Planning Authority to lead the neighbourhood planning process when there is no town or parish council. A group or organisation must apply to the Local Planning Authority to be officially recognised as a Neighbourhood Forum. This is what we are now consulting on.

If an application to create a Neighbourhood Forum is successful and the forum is officially recognised, no other organisation can create a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the same area.

Members of a Forum must meet the conditions set out in Section 61F(5) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This includes outlining the purpose of the Forum, that as a minimum, there are 21 individuals in the Forum; and that steps have been taken to have members from different places within the Neighbourhood Area and from different sections of the community in that area.

About neighbourhood development plan areas

A Neighbourhood Area is an area recognised by the Local Planning Authority within which Neighbourhood Plan policies apply.

The boundaries of a Neighbourhood Area could be physical boundaries like a road or river, or a catchment area for the local shops. An application must be made to officially recognise the Neighbourhood Plan Area, this is what we are now consulting on.

About neighbourhood development plans

A Neighbourhood Development Plan does not mean development will happen - that depends on landowners and developers.

Once a Neighbourhood Development Plan passes independent examination and referendum, it sits alongside other planning policy like the Local Plan to guide development and help decide the outcome of planning applications in the area.