Local heritage list

The local heritage list for Uttlesford covers buildings, structures and sites that are not already listed by Historic England but we think are worth preserving because of their quality, style or historical importance.

Second edition Uttlesford Local Heritage List

A meeting of the Assets of Community Value and Local Heritage List Committee took place on Thursday 22 April.  The committee decided on assets proposed in the second edition Uttlesford Local Heritage List.

You can watch a video of the meeting on YouTube.

Icon for pdf Approved Local Heritage List, April 2021 [11.19MB]


Local Heritage List cover thumbnailAbout the local heritage list

The Uttlesford Local Heritage List is a list of structures which are considered to be locally significant, and contribute to the unique character and distinctiveness of the area. They are different from those identified by Historic England and included on the National Heritage List, which are considered to be of national importance.

The list includes a wide variety of structures, from houses, school buildings and chapels to war memorials, telephone boxes and cast-iron finger posts.

In order to be included, each entry must meet a minimum of two of the selection criteria.

How to find if a property is on the list

We have published a guide to the Uttlesford local heritage list which includes details all of the properties. 

Icon for pdf Uttlesford local heritage list, October 2018 [3.42MB]

Icon for pdf Approved Local Heritage List, April 2021 [11.19MB]

You can also find out whether your property is on the list by using our online constraints mapping system. When you search the constraints map you will need to tick the box in the 'Layer List'  menu for 'Local Heritage List'.  

Search constraints maps

Some properties and structures were considered for the list but were not included. To find out why you can read the Outcome of nominations for the Local Heritage List.

What it means if a property is on the list

If your property is included on the list, this does not restrict your permitted development rights, however, its inclusion will be considered as a material planning consideration. This means that when you apply for planning permission, the significance of the building will be taken into account as part of the decision making process, to ensure that future proposals continue to preserve what is special about the asset. If it is felt that what you are proposing will be damaging to the building, and the reasons for its inclusion on the Local Heritage List, it is likely that the proposals will be resisted.

If you are already subject to an Article 4 Direction these constraints won't be affected, and the removal of permitted development rights will still apply. When you search the constraints map you will need to tick the box in the 'Layer List'  menu for 'Article 4'. 


How to nominate structures for the local heritage list

If you think there is a historic building or other structure worthy of note in the district, then you can suggest that it might be included in the next edition of our local heritage list.

Anyone can nominate a structure to be included in the local heritage list. Firstly you will need to check that your building has not already been designated as formally listed by Historic England. You do this by checking our online mapping or by searching the National Heritage List.

For inclusion in future editions of the list you can nominate a building by using either our online nomination form, or by downloading a Icon for pdf printable nomination form [282.39KB] and sending it by email to planning@uttlesford.gov.uk or post to the Conservation Team, Uttlesford District Council, London Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4ER.   


Additional information

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► Historic England Guidance - Local Heritage Lists