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Demographic Forecasts (Edge Analytics, March 2012 - May 2015)

During 2010-12, the Essex Planning Officers Association (EPOA) commissioned a programme of work which delivered a range of demographic forecasts for its member authorities, providing a suite of scenarios from which future growth trajectories might be evaluated. This project was conducted in four phases and concluded in summer 2012.

EPOA has now extended this commission to provide an annual update to the demographic  forecasting evidence for its member authorities. This new evidence continues to include a variety of scenarios, including migration-led, dwelling-led and economic-led approaches to demographic forecasts.

 It will be for Uttlesford to determine its use of the forecasts and other outputs from this project to inform its future spatial policy development.

Demographic Forecasts - Phases 1& 2 (PDF) [2MB]  (March 2012)

Demographic Forecasts - Phase 3 (PDF) [1MB]  (July 2012)

Demographic Forecasts - Phase 4 (PDF) [2MB]  (March 2012)

Demographic Forecasts - Phase 5: Main Report (PDF) [4MB]  (April 2014)

Demographic Forecasts - Phase 6: Main Report (PDF) [5MB]  (September 2014)

Demographic Forecasts - Phase 7: Main Report (PDF) [3MB]  (May 2015)