Garden waste bin - what we can not collect

Find out what you can't put into your garden waste bin.

Your green garden waste bin is collected fortnightly, but please remember that your collection day may be different from your regular collection day. 

To find your collection day please check your renewal letter. 

What you can not put in your bin

Here are the things that you can not put in your bin:

Tips for filling your bin

Please put the garden waste loose into the bin.

If you put plastic bags in your bin we will not be able to empty it.

Please do not overfill the bin. If garden waste is compacted it will stick in the bin and this may result in damage when emptying it.

Placing twigs or dry leaves at the bottom of the bin will help stop the garden waste from sticking in the bin.

Excess garden waste placed beside or on top of the bin will not be taken. The lid must be closed and all garden waste contained within the bin.


Additional information

Garden waste bin - what we collect

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