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Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

How to put your rubbish out for collection

What you need to do on bin collection day, help with collections and advice if you live in a flat.

We collect kitchen waste every week and refuse (household waste) and recycling every other week.

What to do on collection day

By 7am on the morning of your collection day you need to put your bins, boxes or bags at your collection point. Unless you have an assisted collection your collection point is located on the boundary with the public highway, usually a pavement or road.

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Garden waste collections

If you have signed up for our garden waste service we will collect your garden waste bin every two weeks.

By 7am on the morning of your collection day you need to put your bins at your collection point.

Garden waste bin collection days

What to avoid

We will not collect your recycling and rubbish if you have:

  • put your rubbish in the wrong bin (for example plastic in the kitchen waste bin). Check what yuou can put in your bins
  • overfilled your bin so that the lid does not fully close
  • put your bin out on the wrong collection day
  • put your rubbish next to or on top of your bin

You can put any additional recycling out by the side of your green recycling bin ready for your next scheduled collection. It must be in clear bags, carrier bags, white bags or cardboard boxes only.

We cannot take recyclable items in black sacks.

Get a large item collected

If you have a large item that will not fit in your bin, you can request a bulky waste collection.

Help with collections

If you find it difficult to put your bins, bags and boxes out, you can request an assisted collection.

If you live in a flat

Many flats in Uttlesford have communal recycling bins, which we collect. You can contact us to find out about collections for flats.

If you do not have access to communal recycling bins, you can take your rubbish to a recycling and household waste site (tip) or a local recycling bank. More about tips and recycling banks.