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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

Counter fraud and corruption

What we do to to protect the public funds we administer, how you can report a suspected fraud and our Whistleblowing Policy.

We are determined to protect the council from such actions whether attempted from within or by an outside individual, group or organisation.

We consider fraud to have occurred when a person acts in a dishonest way to make a gain, cause a loss to the council or expose the council to the risk of loss.  Furthermore, we recognise that fraud and corruption undermine the standards of public service, which we promote, and reduces the resources available for the good of the whole community.

Counter Fraud and Corruption Strategy

Our commitment to dealing with acts of fraud is set out in our Counter Fraud and Corruption Strategy and policies

Reporting fraud

We will not tolerate fraud, bribery and corruption against the council and all reports will be investigated

Types of fraud and corruption

There are many different types of fraud. Here is how to recognise some of them

Prosecution policy

Here we provide the council's policy on prosecutions in relation to fraud or corruption

Whistleblowing Policy

We recognise that sometimes employees, councillors or stakeholders working with or on behalf of us may want to raise concerns

Gifts and hospitality guidance (HRP 62)

Here we provide the council's guidance to its officers on dealing with offers of cash, gifts and hospitality from customers, contractors and those the Council regulates