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Heritage statements

You will need to put together a heritage statement for any application affecting a listed building, unlisted building in a conservation area, a locally listed building, a registered historic park or garden.

You will need to put together a heritage statement for any application for:

Producing a statement

The level of detail you'll need to include in your statement should be proportionate to the importance of the assets and no more than is sufficient to understand the potential impact of the proposal on their significance.

What must be included

Your heritage statement will need to provide information about:  

  • the significance of the heritage asset affected, including any contribution made by their setting
  • the principles of and justification for the proposed works, and
  • the impact of the proposal on the significance of a heritage asset, does it cause a lot of harm or total loss of significance.

The statement should explain:  

  • the sources that you have considered,
  • the expertise that you have consulted, and
  • the steps that have been taken to avoid or minimise any adverse impacts on the significance of the asset

Help with preparing a statement

You can either produce this statement yourself, or approach a consultant to prepare this on your behalf.

We have produced a short guide to help you prepare a heritage statement.