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Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Forthcoming elections

Find out about the elections and referendums that are scheduled to take place up to 2029.

Scheduled polls usually take place on the first Thursday of May.

Next elections

Local elections

Local elections take place every 4 years. Local elections for district councillors and for town and paris councillors took place on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Local elections are held for:

  • the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex
  • Essex County Council
  • Uttlesford District Council
  • town and parish councils

The last election for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election for Essex was held on Thursday 2 May 2024.

National elections

Parliamentary general elections take place no later than 5 years from the last one.

A parliamentary general election took place on 4 July 2024.

The government often chooses to combine parliamentary general election with another poll in May.


By-elections often occur throughout the year due to vacancies arising such as caused by the resignation or death of a member.

These have to occur within a legal time period and full details appear on a page on this website.

Other polls

Other polls sometimes occur such as a Neighbourhood Planning Referendums.

Again, we'll publish public notices and, if you're eligible to vote in the poll you'll receive a poll card.

Scheduled elections

2025       Essex County Council election
2026       Fallow year - no scheduled polls
2027       Uttlesford District Council (all out) elections and parish council elections
2028       Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election
2029       Essex County Council election

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