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Clinical waste

We can collect and dispose of clinical or medical waste for you.

Our collection service is free and confidential.

You can ask us to send you yellow clinical waste sacks and then arrange to have the waste collected from your home.

 We cannot collect any medical or clinical waste with your regular bin collection.

What we can collect

We can collect blood or bodily fluid contaminated items such as:

  • bandages
  • plasters
  • wound dressings
  • swabs
  • renal bags
  • colostomy bags - empty
  • surgical gloves, aprons, shoe and hair covers

What we cannot collect

There are some items that we cannot collect, including:

  • needles, and syringes - you can request a sharps collection for these
  • incontinence pads and and pull-up pants - bag these and put them in your grey-lidded waste bin
  • medication, tablets and creams - return these to your doctor or pharmacist
  • blood, human or animal waste
  • medical equipment - speak to your doctor

 If you need to dispose of additional incontinence pads or pull-up pants you can contact us to request an extra grey-lidded waste bin.

Request a collection

All collections are free but we can only collect clinical waste in approved yellow waste sacks.

Contact us to order yellow clinical waste sacks or to arrange a collection.

Other ways to book

You can also talk to us about clinical waste by:

About your collection

We collect clinical waste from your front doorstep or another visible place.

You should:

  • keep the waste separate from your normal bins and recycling
  • put the waste in a yellow clinical waste sack
  • not overfill the yellow sack
  • tie the yellow sack securely
  • use a second bag if the waste is wet and heavy

When we collect your waste we'll leave you any empty sack. If you leave out multiple sacks we'll leave you a replacement for each one.

Cancel a collection

If you need to cancel your collection or arrange it for another day you can contact our customer service team or speak to us using our chat service.