Planning decision appeals

How to appeal a planning decision, search for an appeal and details of the latest inquiries.

Appeal a planning decision

When you can appeal and how to submit your documents by post or online

Find and comment on an appeal

How to comment on an appeal and how to find the case on our planning system or the appeals casework portal

After you have made an appeal

What to do if you disagree with the appeal decision or want to complain about the standard of service provided by the Planning Inspectorate

Planning appeal - Stansted Airport

The Honourable Mrs Justice Lang DBE has decided to reject the council's application for permission to apply for a Planning Statutory Review

Planning appeal - land east of Highwood Quarry, Little Easton

Core documents and appeal details for the outline planning application with the details of external access committed

Planning appeal - land at Warish Hall Farm, Smiths Green Takeley

Core documents and appeal details for planning application for a mixed use development including revised access and associated landscaping

Planning appeal - land south of (east of Griffin Place) Radwinter Road, Sewards End

Core documents and appeal details for the erection of up to 233 residential dwellings including affordable housing, with public open space, landscaping, sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and associated works