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Cost of living support

Advice and support to help manage the rising cost of living.

Your tenancy

Information on how to change or end your tenancy agreement, what to do if you suspect tenancy fraud and find support if you need it.

Types of tenancy

Different council tenants have different tenancies. These give you different rights and responsibilities

Estate management

Housing Officers will carry out regular checks of all council owned property.

Advice for tenants

What happens before and after you move into a council property

Tenancy fraud

There are different types of tenancy fraud. If you believe somebody is committing tenancy fraud, please let us know

Change of tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is the document you sign when you agree to become the tenant of your home

End a tenancy

If you want to terminate your tenancy you must notify us as soon as possible

Gardening and decorating help for council tenants

If you have a disability or long-term illness you can ask for help with maintaining your garden or redecorating the inside of your home

Put up an outbuilding or shed at your council home

If you are planning on installing a shed or other outbuilding in your council home's garden you will need to get permission from the Housing Team

Make improvements to your council home

If you want to make improvements or alterations to you council home you will need to get permission from the Housing Team

West Essex Tenancy Strategy

The strategy sets out matters which all registered providers of social housing in our area must consider when framing their own tenancy policies

Decant and Downsizing Policy

The purpose of this policy is to explain what Uttlesford District Council will do when it becomes necessary to re-house a tenant to allow major repairs to be undertaken when these cannot reasonably be done with the tenant in residence

Tenancy Policy

The policy details the types of tenancy we will use when allocating the council's housing stock