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Cost of living support

Financial advice and emotional support on how you can ease the cost of living squeeze.

Tenants and leaseholders: how we engage with you

How we engage with our tenants and leaseholders and what you can do to get involved with helping to shape the future of the housing service.


Tenant and Leaseholder Panel

The Tenant and Leaseholder Panel reviews the services offered to all of our tenants and leaseholders in order to identify where they aren't meeting their needs or service standards. The panel then makes recommendations to us to improve the way we do things,

Multi-agency trailer

The Neighbourhood Roadshows 2024 is a good example of partnership working. It carries with information on council housing services as well as advice from a range of public agencies, and we have people on hand to talk about fire safety, security and support for you in your home.


This is what we publish for tenants to keep everyone informed:

  • , the council's magazine for tenants
  • Housing e-newsletter
  • WOW, newsletter (sheltered housing)
  • Facebook page

Focus groups

All council tenants and leaseholders can get involved and comment on housing services they receive through:

  • focus groups
  • scrutiny projects
  • data analysis

Armchair reviewers

Stay in the comfort of your own home and help us to review:

  • documents
  • policies
  • literature


Anyone can take part in our consultations on:

  • development
  • neighbourhood planning
  • sheltered housing
  • individual housing

National Tenant Engagement Standards

The Tpas National Engagement Standards are designed to make sure you are ready to drive improvements in engagement in the future.

We concentrate on:

  • governance
  • scrutiny
  • business and strategy
  • complaints
  • information and communication
  • resources for engagement
  • community engagement

National tenant participation