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Consultation and the Community Stakeholder Forum

The main stages of consultation on the new Local Plan are as follows.


First consultation (November 2020 - April 2021)

Sometimes referred to as the 'Issues and Options' stage, the first consultation takes place before any proposals have been developed. The consultation is now closed but please visit the consultation portal to view other's comments.

The consultation was split into nine different themes, each being launched for consultation at a meeting of the Community Stakeholder Forum (described below).  

All comments will be used to inform the Council's work on a draft version of the Local Plan.

Draft Local Plan (Spring 2022)

The Council will consult again when a draft version of the Local Plan has been prepared. This is due to be in Spring 2022, after which any necessary changes will be made to address the comments received.

Publication (Spring 2023)

The Council will provide a further opportunity to comment when a final version of the Local Plan has been prepared. This is due to be in Spring 2023, after which the plan will be submitted for government approval together with the comments received.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Community Stakeholder Forum

The Community Stakeholder Forum has been established to complement and enhance the consultation process by providing a platform for discussion among a wide range of local stakeholders, helping to inform and inspire contributions from the wider community. All meetings are live-streamed on Zoom and YouTube, with recordings remaining on the Council's YouTube channel afterwards.

Further details on the Forum members can be found here and answers to some frequently asked questions can be found here. Meeting documents can be found under 'Additional resources' at the bottom of this page.


Community Stakeholder Forum wins prestigious Planning Excellence Award

RTPI Finalists

Uttlesford District Council is delighted to announce it has won a prestigious award for its innovative approach to community stakeholder engagement.

At an online ceremony held 30 November 2021, the Forum was announced as a winner in the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) East of England Awards for Planning Excellence. The Awards highlight exceptional examples of how planning and planners have made a positive impact on the quality of life in creating exceptional places and protecting the environment.   

Visit our news page for more information

Further information on the RTPI Website



Getting involved

The consultation is now closed but please visit the consultation portal to view other's comments.

Consultation Portal

Guide to using the consultation portal (Word doc) [329KB]

The material will remain available for you to watch and read. 

All themes/ Other comments form - Please use  this form (Word doc) [57KB] if your comments cover more than one theme, or you are not sure which theme they relate to.

If you have specific comments on one of the themes, please use the relevant form below.

Theme and guest presentation

Consultation document

Comments Summary

Theme 1 - Where you live

The 15 minute neighbourhood. Dr Noha Nasser (Architect, Urban Designer, Academic, Founder of Mela Social Enterprise)

presentation video

Theme 1 consultation document (PDF) [504KB]

Theme 1 summary (PDF) [521KB]

Theme 2 - Character and heritage

Character & heritage Noel Farrer PLI FLI (Essex Quality Review Panel Chair; Director, Farrer Huxley Associates; Landscape architect)

presentation video

Theme 2 consultation document (PDF) [769KB]

Theme 2 summary (PDF) [311KB]

Theme 3 - Climate change

The Climate Challenge - Analysis of the issue.  Samantha Kennedy (Director of Environment and Climate Action at Essex County Council)

presentation video

Theme 3 consultation document (PDF) [162KB]

Theme 3 summary (PDF) [411KB]

Theme 4 - Transport

The role of transport in the East of England.  Andrew Summers (Strategy Director, Transport East)

presentation video

Theme 4 consultation document (PDF) [306KB]

Theme 4 summary (PDF) [458KB]

Theme 5 - Leisure, culture and healthy lifestyles

Planning healthier places.  Julia Thrift (Director, Healthier Place-making, Town & Country Planning Association)

presentation video

Theme 5 consultation document (PDF) [383KB]

Theme 5 summary (PDF) [499KB]

Theme 6 - Biodiversity

Green infrastructure in Essex.  Andrew Lovett  (University of East Anglia)

presentation video

Theme 6 consultation document (PDF) [874KB]

Theme 6 summary (PDF) [500KB]

Theme 7 - Local economy

The impact of technology on rural planning.  Dr Paul Cowie (Innovation research Fellow.  National innovation Centre, Newcastle University)

presentation video

Theme 7 consultation document (PDF) [1MB]

Theme 7 summary (PDF) [730KB]


Theme 8 - Homes

Providing homes to meet local needs.  Jo Mills (Ark.  co-author of the Council's Housing Study on Housing for New Communities)

presentation video

Theme 8 consultation document (PDF) [332KB]

Theme 8 summary (PDF) [563KB]


Theme 9 - Creating new places and communities

VeloCity. Jennifer Ross and Petra Marko  (Velocity Placemaking)

presentation video

Theme 9 consultation document (PDF) [1MB]

Theme 9 summary (PDF) [401KB]


Theme 7 - Local economy

Theme 8 - Homes

Theme 9 - Creating new places and communities

Summary meeting 18 May 2021

meeting video

as aboveas above

Theme 7 - Local economy

Theme 8 - Homes

Theme 9 - Creating new places and communities

Summary meeting 2 June 2021

meeting video

as aboveas above

Theme 1 - Where you live

Theme 9 - Creating new places and communities

Youth survey feedback  Youth survey summary (PDF) [844KB]


Additional resources

Frequently asked questions

Terms of reference (PDF) [148KB]  - Defines the role of the Forum

Privacy notice  - Reflects that live and recorded meetings are available online

Meeting documentation - Agendas and presentation slides

RTPI Finalists