Other Planning Guidance Including Supplementary Planning Documents

Find out about the standards the we have adopted for some types of development and planning documents that we use to help make decisions on planning applications.

Supplementary planning documents

Essex Coast Recreational disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy (RAMS) (September 2020)

Icon for pdf Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (October 2007) [225.5KB]

Icon for pdf Urban Place Supplement to the Essex Design Guide (March 2007) [6.96MB]

Icon for pdf Replacement Dwellings (September 2006) [143.29KB]

Icon for pdf Home Extensions (November 2005) [949.99KB]

Icon for pdf Accessible Homes and Play Space (November 2005) [244.16KB]

Icon for pdf Supplementary Planning Guidance to Takeley/Little Canfield Local Policy 3 Priors Green (Island Sites) (July 2003) [1.82MB]

Other planning guidance

Solar Farms (July 2021)

Brownfield land register

Building for a Healthy Life

This design guidance which sets the standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods has been adopted by Uttlesford District Council and was endorsed by the Local Plan Leadership Group on 28 October 2021.

The guidance is based on 'Building for a Healthy Life', a government-endorsed industry standard, and will be used to inform decisions on planning applications.

Icon for pdf Building for a healthy life (November 2021) [15.94MB]

Interim Climate Change Planning Policy

On 9 February 2021, Uttlesford District Council approved as non-statutory development management guidance an Icon for pdf Interim Climate Change Planning Policy [3.84MB] to ensure that development contributes to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

While not a formal planning policy in its own right, the document draws upon a range of established policies, guidance and good practice. Applicants should therefore be able to apply the interim policies to their proposals and, where necessary, provide a suitable explanation where they have not been applied.

Parish Plans

A number of parish plans have been adopted as council approved guidance in determining planning applications and the preparation of the local development framework. These can be found on the Parish and village plans page.

Highways and Parking Standards

Uttlesford District Council has now adopted the Highways Development Management Policies as council approved planning guidance. 

Icon for pdf Development Management Policies (February 2011) [3.95MB]

Icon for pdf Essex County Council Parking Standards (September 2009) [4.53MB]

Essex Design Guide

The iconic Essex Design Guide (EDG) has been digitally revamped to provide contemporary socio economic, environmental, and best practice guidance to planners and those interested in the provision of new housing developments.

The Essex Design Guide (2018)

Further information and other supporting guidance can be found on Essex guidance documents section of the Essex Planning Officers Association (EPOA) website.