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Saffron Walden Clean Air Project

Our Clean Air Project, aimed at creating a 'cleaner, healthier and greener' environment, will be delivered across all businesses, schools, and residents in Saffron Walden.

Our vision

The Clean Air Project will increase awareness of air pollution, an invisible health concern that negatively affects all Saffron Walden residents. While increasing awareness, the project will provide businesses, schools and residents with methods of reducing their exposure to and production of air pollution.

Why clean air?

This project is being undertaken to improve air quality in Saffron Walden. Despite recent improvements in air quality we recognise that there is a need to do more to reduce emissions of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter and make the town a healthier place to live.

Where is this happening?

This project and funding is specific to Saffron Walden town only. However, if successful, we hope that some of our pilot zero emission shared transport schemes will be able to be replicated across the district at a later date. The project provides a unique opportunity to test different methods of operation to see what will work best for our communities.
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Our four main projects

Current local transport initiatives

Bike training and support for cyclists

If you're new to cycling, or just want to improve your road skills, you will be able to join one of our training sessions in 2024.

EV bikes: hire or try before you buy

As part of the Saffron Walden Clean Air Project we are launching an EV bike share scheme for the town.

EV car club in Saffron Walden

We have teamed up with Co-wheels Car Club to provide 2 electric cars within Saffron Walden town centre.

EV cargo bike hire

We've teamed up with Peddle my wheels to provide a community e-cargo bike that will be available for hire by local businesses.
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